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The CEIC Database team is pleased to announce the launch of the 2 new data additions to the World Trend Plus database.


1IHS Markit® Purchasing Managers’ Index™ (PMI™)‚Äč

This new dataset contains all Markit PMI headline data collected from various Markit PMI surveys. CEIC, as one of the authorised distributors, now provides monthly PMI headline data for 42 countries and 6 key regions. All World Trend Plus users will be able to access the latest PMI timepoint release and up to three years’ worth of historical time-points.


2. 100 Global Economic Monitor (GEM) Indicators

The addition of 14 new indicators are added to the Global Economic Monitor (GEM) Topic of World Trend Plus. This expansion broadens the National Accounts, Balance of Payments and Monetary sectors to cover more key indicators, closely monitored by clients. They can be found in various frequencies to further facilitate cross-country comparison. With the latest additions, the GEM contains 100 different key indicators, comprising around 16,000 series.



1 Month Free Trial

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