China in a World Struck by a Pandemic: The Belt and Road Initiative Reviewed


Webinar Overview


With its vast scope and ambitious goals, seven years after its launch China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) could be described as a separate vast field in the efforts of international economic cooperation. The variety of mostly infrastructure projects in different, country-specific macroeconomic environments mean that all parties involved do not have an easy job.


Then came the COVID-19 outbreak, which did not make the goals any easier to achieve. Regardless of whether the pandemic proves the main catalyst, the BRI is bound to shift its focus, probably gradually. These ambitions are definitely worth following. Moreover, this shift towards cooperation in the field of healthcare and digital economy might prove an opportunity for Beijing to address some existing concerns.


This webinar covers, 'The Belt and Road Initiative - The First Seven Years', the 'Chinese Perspective: Improving Connectivity between China’s Eastern and Western Provinces', the 'International Perspective: An Ever-Expanding Initiative' and a Q&A session.