The Outstanding Case of China’s Real Estate Sector – How to Thrive in Times of Change

Webinar Overview



During this webinar, ISI together with China Index Academy gave the floor to two industry experts to discuss trends in real estate in key emerging markets. The webinar places a special focus on China’s real estate sector, offering a unique insider perspective on the opportunities it holds for both local and foreign investors and the socioeconomic factors that shape it.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought the real estate sector to the centre of major transformations. The changes in the way we work, shop and travel prompted us to rethink our perception of both residential and commercial real estate. Accordingly, property developers and governments across the world took extraordinary measures to address the changes in demand. And one country sets a prominent example. China’s real estate sector – which has already put the pandemic behind it – is in a stage of robust growth, thanks to strong demand fundamentals and a series of new government policies.


Webinar Highlights


Before downloading the full recording, you may wish to explore some of the key highlights taken from this webinar from our reel below.