China's 5G Application: Progress in Key Industries

Webinar Overview


Since China launched 5G commercial use in 2019, it has been gaining more and more government attention and industrial interest. In this webinar, we will be looking at the progress of 5G application in three key industries in China, namely Iron and Steel, Electric Power and Healthcare, to learn how cutting-edge telecom technology can help with the industrial upgrade. By exploring the process of adopting 5G on a large scale in these industries, we will highlight the trends of China's 5G development and forecast the future investment focus. 

Presenter Yinglei Li, ISI Emerging Markets Group's China Industry Researcher, is the co-author of a corresponding EMIS Insights report on the topic, produced together with Mr. Tan Yifei who has provided research and consulting services for a number of large institutions in China.

Watch the webinar trailer below.