Age of Alternative Data: How Granular Real-time Data Can Help Explain Emerging Markets

Webinar Overview



COVID-19 and the prevailing turbulent macroeconomic environment have introduced a strong need for more up-to-date data that allows tracking of economic activity in near real-time. Enter alternative data, indirect measures that are strongly correlated with traditional economic indicators, but available in a more timely, more granular, and more transparent manner.


To meet the growing demand for more timely and granular data, we are pleased to announce the key release of alternative datasets. CEIC curates the best and most relevant alternative datasets drawn from a variety of international and local sources, whether publicly available or from our premium partners. The launch this month is focused on content that is relevant for the analysis of major macroeconomic themes with a specific focus on economic activity, inflation, the labor market, foreign trade, and supply chain.


Join us to understand:


> Why alternative data?

> Using alternative data beyond COVID-19

> Nowcasting: using real-time GDP data

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