War in Ukraine: A Seismic Shift in Warfare and Attitudes Towards Defense


Report Overview


On 24 February 2022, when footage of endless columns of Russian armour making their way to Kyiv hit the news outlets, the world had a sliding doors moment that will likely spark endless “what if” discussions for years to come. Defence spending may not have been in vogue in developed countries for the past several decades, but when staunchly pacifist states like Germany and Japan finally accept the realization that they should build up their defence capabilities, and fast, it is probably safe to assume that the “peace dividend” is over. The other key take-away from the war in Ukraine so far has been that technology has ushered a new age in warfare with cheaper, more efficient and more precise tools of war. Like its ubiquitous Bayraktar TB2 UAV, Turkey’s defence industry is soaring.


What will you find in this report?


- How the war in Ukraine will change the complexion of wars in the future

- How the war in Ukraine will change government thinking around defence spending

- The opportunities, for smaller nations, with defence spending growing exponentially

- Investing in defence in times of turbulence and uncertainty