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We consistenly added new data series in the last 12 months to enrich your service.


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As well as new data we have made improvements to the functionality of the platform and introduced key strategic partnerships to enhance the service.




Industrial Sector

We have added Forecast Data as a new section on CDM Next for a better presentation and navidagtion. Our Forecast Data is sourced from:

  • Aeroflot: Airlines Statistics
  • Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat): Demographic Forecast
  • The Central Bank of the Russian Federation (CEB: The Main Directions of the Unified State Monetary Policy
  • The Ministry of Economic Development: Forecast of The Social and Economic Development of The Russian Federation

Explore our Forecast Data data additions here

Access our new Industrial Sector data additions. Click below for further details.

Industrial Production Index

New Industrial Production Index: 2015=100. Explore data here.

Industrial Production: by Product

Various OKVED/OKPD replacements: from Table RU.BBB001: Industrial Production: All Industries to Table RU.BBB012. Explore data here.

Industrial Production: by Region and Product: ytd

Various OKVED/OKPD replacements: From Table RU.BBC002 to Table RU.BBC013. Explore data here.


Money & Banking Statistics

Access our new Monetary & Banking Statistics data additions. Click below for further details.


National Accounts

Access our new National Accounts data additions. Click below for further details.



Access our new Prices data additions. Click below for further details.

Export and Import Price

  • Addition of Mid Months Urals prices sourced from Ministry of Economic Development based on daily Argus prices. Explore the data within Table RU.PC002: Average World Prices, Crude Oil Export Price, Crude Oil Export Price:

Average World Price: Crude Oil: Urals: per 1 Barrel: Mid Month

Average World Price: Crude Oil: Urals: per 1 Barrel: Mid Month


Transport & Telecoms

Access our new Transport & Telecoms data additions. Click below for further details.

Telecommunication and Technology Enterprises Indicators

New indicators on monitoring of Information society development in the Russian Federation:



Access our new Inflation data additions. Click below for further details.

Consumer Price Index

Consumer Price Index: by Region

Substantial expansion to the Inflation sector with CPI by products and by regions:

  • From Table RU.IB014 to Table RU.IB110. Explore data here


Foreign Trade

Access our new Foreign Trade data additions. Click below for further details.


Business & Economic Survey

Access our new Business & Economic Survey data additions. Click below for further details.

Vnesheconombank Monthly Monitoring

Proprietary monthly research provided directly from Vnesheconombank to CEIC:


Wholesale, Retail & Catering

Access other new Wholesale, Retail & Catering data additions in different sectors. Click below for further details.


Chemical & Petrochemical

Access our new Chemical & Petrochemical data additions. Click below for further details.

Chemical and Petrochemical Production

Various OKVED/OKPD replacements. From Table RU.RHA001 to Table RU.RHA032. Explore data here.


Demographic & Labour Market

In January 2017, Rosstat updated the age structure for the sample survey of the labor force to population aged 15 years and over (previously covering population aged 15-72 years). CEIC has extended the coverage of the Labor Market section with part time employment, created and liquidated workplaces, forecast and other key indicators. Access our new Demographic & Labour Market data additions. Click below for further details.


Household Survey

Access our new Household Survey data additions. Click below for further details.

New Partnerships


As of June 2018, users have access to content from our sister company EMIS. Moreover, we offer every month new insights for Russia from our proprietary research arm.

EMIS Insights: Explore comprehensive industry reports on China, contains in-depth sector analysis, detailed statistics and infographics on the country's economy.
CEIC Insights: our proprietary research team releases 5 new economic insights about Russia yearly.



We are pleased to announce over 20 functionality and design enhancements geared towards improving your user experience.


► Support of multi-selection in the country filter.

► Dynamic search pages with insights and data highlights.

► Dataset tabs offering the ability to select results across searches and tabs.

► Option to copy search with all filter parameters to R, API, Python calls.

► Filter by key series for all tabs.

► X13 ARIMA Seasonal Adjustment for Chinese Holidays Adjustment.


► Related Series Suggestions: Pre-built charts to compare series with suggestions via series suggestion manager.

► Replacements Comparison: Visual comparison of series replacements in single series preview.

► Heat Map Enhancements: Implementation of a heat map with series of the same frequency & colouring assigned per series based on its own parameter and displayed points.

► Chart button: Additional localition to access "Chart" on header.

► Geographical regional maps:  Easily visualize data by selecting regional maps, such as the Mainland China map on provincial level.


► Easily export data to supported format in MATLAB application. 

► Easily export data series to support the format in the add-in, API, R. 

► Advanced copy to clipboard functionalities to copy chart/map/table to MS Excel/Word/PPT.

► Download option for individual footnote articles.


► CDMNext is now available including, Russian and English.

► New CDMNext Excel Add-in v2.01 and 2.1.0 with the support of multi-languages interface. 

► Footnotes translation.


► Merge of help and support in an unified landing page.

► New video tutorials with an overview and key features.

► Installation of Excel Add-in, CEIC R package, CEIC API, E-Views is available under "Help".