Press Release

CEIC Marks its 30th Anniversary

Monday 23rd May, 2022

CEIC marks 30th anniversary by establishing position as leading provider of emerging market alternative data 

This month marks the 30th anniversary of CEIC, the leading provider of macroeconomic data and insight for the world’s fastest growing economies. Originally a Hong Kong-based enterprise providing hard-to-get data for economists hungry for information on China, CEIC has since expanded its coverage to over 200 countries worldwide. 

CEIC forged its reputation as a must-have resource through its scrupulous selection of the very best data sources and an understanding of what data is important to users. The business has invested continuously in a network of local experts to identify the data our clients need. We have also developed a rigorous sense checking and standardisation process so that the data we finally present has the complete trust of our users. This focus on curation rather than simple aggregation has seen CEIC establish itself as the key input for economic models in organisations all over the world...