Malaysia Economy in a Snapshot Q2 2021 Report

What does this quarterly economic report offer? 


Malaysia Economy in a Snapshot is a quarterly publicatiŠ¾n produced by the CEIC Macroeconomic Research Team. The report is designed to provide a comprehensive, albeit concise overview of the current economic and financial developments. The Malaysia Economy in a Snapshot report is produced using data from CEIC's Global Database.


The leading index published by the Department of Statistics Malaysia improved in January and February 2021, mainly in response to growth in real imports of other basic precious and other non-ferrous metals and the number of new companies registered, which are both indicative of a strengthening of economic activity.


This report provides detailed sets of analysis, with a focus on the following macroeconomic groupings:

  • Malaysia's economic outlook
  • Real Sector
  • Monetary and Financial Sector
  • Fiscal Sector
  • External Sector