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As well as new data we have made improvements to the functionality of the platform and introduced key strategic partnerships to enhance the service.


Automobile Sector


Exclusive automobile registration statistics with daily frequency, is a reliable proxy for consumer and commercial demand. As a variable it instantaneously picks up economic signals, in terms of demand, making it a variable of choice for real sector. The regency and municipal coverage allows creation of demand forecasting models at the basic administrative entity. In combination, with regency and municipal coverage under ‘Payments and Settlement’ and ‘Banking’ statistics assists holistic micro demand forecasting / trending models for the economy.

Automobile: Registrations

Introducing 3700+ curated daily time series on automobile registration, exclusively available in CEIC Indonesia Premium. The data spans, aggregate,  province, regencies and municipals across passenger cars, two-wheelers, bus, truck, etc among others.


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An exhaustive Monetary enhancement that includes curated and exclusive time series data on various monetary operations of the bank, for supporting comprehensive modelling for yields and liquidity operation of the Central Bank. Our coverage is a strong complimentary for fixed income / treasury research done using real time cross asset platforms, and unavailable with any of these platforms.

Financial System Statistics

Comprehensive coverage of Financial Sector Statistics, covering a range of macro-economic, banking and financial sector ratios and indicators.


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Monetary Operations

Comprehensive revamp of Monetary section with launch of exclusive and curated data on Monetary Operations, available exclusively with CEIC Indonesia Premium. The data includes yields, average weighted yields, bids and acceptance amounts.


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We have also expanded the coverage of deposits, advances and monetary operations from the SEKI (Indonesia Economic and Financial Statistics) and ITEMS (Select Indicators of Monetary & Payment Systems).


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Liquidity and Cheque Clearance

Payment and Settlement System

An extensive coverage of Payments and Settlement data, with coverage extending to Regency and Municipality, has been launched along with currency in circulation, e-money, RTGS and card payments among others. Both a payments variable and a strong proxy for consumer and commercial demand via payment transactions.


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Energy Sector


Banking Sector


Being an energy exporting country as well as a populous country with rising energy demand, daily production and prices are an important real sector variables, for supporting short-term predictive models of economy, among others.

Energy Statistics

Alternative data on oil and gas production, has been curated and exclusively launched in Indonesia Premium, along with the Oil & Gas price index.


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Energy Price


A very diversified banking sector, with presence of non-banking and evolving fintech / non-banking financial sector. The economy also has a large MSME presence. The combination of mutlifinance, MSME Banking and regional banking statistics with granular coverage of advances, types of advances, deposits, etc. by regency and municipal, proves helpful for both financial sector research and short term predictive economic models. They also combine well with other real sector variables for demand predicting models.

Multifinance Statistics

Banking sector is now comprehensively revamped with coverage of Multi-finance Statistics (non-banking financial entities) covering non-banking finance companies, venture companies and infra finance companies.


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Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Banking Statistics

MSME, the backbone of the economy is now well covered in terms of advances and working capital requirements and access to institutional credit. The data also covers regencies and municipalities.


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Regional Monetary and Banking Statistics

Comprehensive coverage of banking assets in terms of advances, advances by classification, personal loans and deposits with their respective classifications is covered in this release. The data covers regency and municipality, making it a robust variable for both banking and real sector demand forecasting / trending.


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Banking Statistics


Financial Markets


Summary of outstanding stocks and bonds, in the capital markets from SEKI (Indonesia Economic & Financial Statistics) published by the Bank Indonesia. Gives a birds eye view of the capital markets through all active stocks and bonds.

Security Ownership

Statistics on ownership of securities and various demographics of the Indonesian security market participants.


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Bond Market


 Health Sector


Covid 19, created logistical nightmare, and its highly contagious nature created management challenges. Vaccination and ready infrastructure was the only way to mitigate the health contingency as well as to understand the possible impact on the economy. Our comprehensive high frequency coverage, under a new and dedicated Health Sector, allows real time monitoring or building risk-predictive models on any possible exigencies and economic risks posed by the disease. An exclusive and curated time series coverage from CEIC, covering by country, province, Regency and Municipality.

Health Infrastructure

Detailed data on medical infrastructure available for covid-19 treatment along with utilization levels by country, province, Regency and Municipality.


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Disease Outbreak

The release has a comprehensive daily coverage of the massive ongoing vaccination programme and stocks, to mitigate any short of future risk from covid 19. The data spans, country, province, regency and municipality.


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New Publications


CEIC Insights: Our CEIC Research Team releases proprietary research and various 'Thematic Data Insights'. We updated the monthly proprietary publication CEIC Leading Indicator: Indonesia. The quarterly Indonesia Economy in a Snapshot – Q3 2022 covering four main macroeconomic sectors (Real, Monetary & Financial, Fiscal and External) is updated, in sync with the quarterly GDP announcement from the Govt. of Indonesia. Also economy snapshots for the 3 major ASEAN economies, PhilippinesMalaysia and Thailand is updated. The Databanks and Dashboards for the ASEAN Countries, to help closely monitor these economies, is also published and available.


Indonesia Databanks: Real Sector; Monetary & Financial Sector; Fiscal Sector; External Sector

Thematic Data Insights: Indonesia RTGS: Transforming the Economy through Efficient Banking

Thematic Data Insights: Indonesia Payment and Settlement System

Thematic Data Insights: Banking in Indonesia: Credit for Regional MSMEs


EMIS Insights: Comprehensive industry reports on Indonesia, contains in-depth sector analysis, detailed statistics and infographics.


Indonesia Real Estate Sector Report 2022-2023: Report analyses the positive effect of zero down payment for mortgage loans and reduced VAT on property purchases, on the residential real estate market.


Indonesia Agriculture Sector Report 2022-2023: Report focuses on the effect of temporary palm oil ban and the problems caused by the delayed fertilizer subsidies.



We are pleased to announce the latest versions of CDMNext v5.4 and CDMNext Excel Add-in v4.1 with the BETA release to support user defined data on CEIC applications. This enables users to import their own defined data series via CDMNext and/or Excel add-in with support across CDMNext functionalities in data discovery, visualization, math function library, and sharing in insight creation. Watch our <8-minute video> to walk through the highlights of user custom data support.  Key enhancements are:

Import user defined data on CDMNext 

► Use ‘Import Series’ to directly upload their custom data in an Excel file format.

► Download the CEIC defined template to select the metadata and insert the timepoints.

► Drop the data file on CDMNext for each upload.

Import user defined data on Excel add-in v4.1

► Introduction of ‘Import Data’ for users to directly create a template.

Manage user defined data on CDMNext

► Retrieve imported data, through new ‘imported’ tab under Data on CDMNext.

► Edit the imported data and Create insights with it.

► CDMNext Key features (single series preview, visualization/charting, math function) available for user defined data.

New CDMNext Visualizations

► Scatter Chart; Histogram.

► New options with series, axis, and legend; adding step options to y-axis setting; shortcut to show/hide legend.

► Additional options to manage and short Tables.

► Ability to add, edit and manage commentary.

► Support drag-and-drop in Edit series to rearrange the series order.

If you have any queries on CDMNext or want a familiarization session with the new powerful features, get in touch with your account manager or email to


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