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We consistenly added new data series in the last 12 months to enrich your service.


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As well as new data we have made improvements to the functionality of the platform and introduced key strategic partnerships to enhance the service.


Government and Public Finance


We continue with expanding the scope of data to assist comprehensive and inclusive analysis of public finance. Access our new Government & Public Finance data additions. 

General Government

-  Weekly and Monthly E way Bill Statistics for Intra and Inter State Movement of Goods. The e-way bill is need for any movement of goods with value above USD600.00. Explore data:  Table IN.FA015: General Government: Goods and Services Tax: E-Way Bill


Table IN.FA013: General Government Goods and Services Tax Revenue


- Release of monthly major subsidy data from CGA

GST, GSTR-3B & E-Way Bill by State

Comprehensive coverage of monthly state wise GST and its components, GSTR-3B Returns and Inter and Intra State E-Way Bills, value and no. of suppliers. Explore data here.


Automobile Sector



Access our new Automobile Sector data additions. 


Automobile: Registrations

Comprehensive monthly coverage of Automobile Registration by State, Class, Category, Fuel Type, etc. Data updated on the 1st working day of the month. Data Reference


Labour Markets




In continuation of our efforts, to address the challenging and fast evolving research needs on India, we are pleased to present the India Payroll Statistics, from EPFO (the Indian Pension Fund Manager).

EPFO Payroll Statistics

The release covers the full matrix of monthly payroll statistics, spanning Industry, Gender and State, further classified by age group. The Net Payroll and New Subscribers are also mapped.


Labour Market: Payroll Statistics


Acess to our new Monetary data additions.

Payment and Settlements Data

we released  critical high frequency (daily & monthly) Settlements Data spanning both volume and value of transactions. The daily data covered critical variableslike daily UPI, Toll Collection, Aadhaar based Payments, etc.


Energy Sector


Access our new Energy data additions. Click below for further details.

High Frequency Energy statistics

We have added the, sought after, high frequency stats on Energy, spanning Petroleum Consumption & Trade and Natural Gas Production, Consumption & Price.


Petroleum: by Products: Net Imports

Petroleum: by Products: Exports

Petroleum: by Products: Imports

Natural Gas: Production

Natural Gas: Production: by Major States

Natural Gas: Consumption

Natural: Price


► Addition of Electricity Generation: Daily Electricity generation by source and by region


► Addition of Electricity Demand & Supply: Daily statistics on Maximum Demand Met during Day, Peak Shortage, Energy Met and supply by source, region and by states:

Table IN.RBE001: Electricity: Power Supply Position: Daily: by Region
Table IN.RBE002: Electricity: Power Supply Position: Daily: by States


Health Sector


Acess to our new Health Sector data additions.



Health Statistics: Diseases

Comprehensive Aggregate and State wise daily coverage of the impact of the pandemic Covid-19: Table IN.HLF006: Disease Outbreaks: Coronavirus 2019



Transportation, Post & Telecom

Access our new Transportation, Post & Telecom data additions. 


Addition of Daily Vessel Position at 13 Major Public Ports. It gives data on both Ships in Berth and at Anchorage. Explore data here.


Mining & Manufacturing

Access our new Mining & Manufacturing data additions. 

Monthly NIC 5 Digit IIP Data

We have added the, sought after, comprehensive NIC 5 digit IIP Data.

Table IN.BAA003: Industrial Production Index: 2011-2012: NIC-10: Manufacturing: Food Products
Table IN.BAA004: Industrial Production Index: 2011-2012: NIC-11: Manufacturing: Beverages
Table IN.BAA005: Industrial Production Index: 2011-2012: NIC-12: Manufacturing: Tobacco Products
Table IN.BAA006: Industrial Production Index: 2011-2012: NIC-13: Manufacturing: Textiles
Table IN.BAA007: Industrial Production Index: 2011-2012: NIC-14: Manufacturing: Wearing Apparel
Table IN.BAA008: Industrial Production Index: 2011-2012: NIC-15: Manufacturing: Leather and Related Products
Table IN.BAA009: Industrial Production Index: 2011-2012: NIC-16: Manufacturing: Wood and Wood Products and Cork ex Furniture; Articles of Straw and Plaiting Materials
Table IN.BAA010: Industrial Production Index: 2011-2012: NIC-17: Manufacturing: Paper and Paper Products
Table IN.BAA011: Industrial Production Index: 2011-2012: NIC-18: Manufacturing: Printing and Reproduction of Recorded Media
Table IN.BAA012: Industrial Production Index: 2011-2012: NIC-19: Manufacturing: Coke and Refined Petroleum Products
Table IN.BAA013: Industrial Production Index: 2011-2012: NIC-20: Manufacturing: Chemicals and Chemical Products
Table IN.BAA014: Industrial Production Index: 2011-2012: NIC-21: Manufacturing: Pharma, Medicinal Chemical and Botanical Products
Table IN.BAA015: Industrial Production Index: 2011-2012: NIC-22: Manufacturing: Rubber and Plastics Products
Table IN.BAA016: Industrial Production Index: 2011-2012: NIC-23: Manufacturing: Other Non-Metallic Mineral Products
Table IN.BAA017: Industrial Production Index: 2011-2012: NIC-24: Manufacturing: Basic Metals
Table IN.BAA018: Industrial Production Index: 2011-2012: NIC-25: Manufacturing: Fabricated Metal Products ex Machinery and Equipment
Table IN.BAA019: Industrial Production Index: 2011-2012: NIC-26: Manufacturing: Computer, Electronic and Optical Products
Table IN.BAA020: Industrial Production Index: 2011-2012: NIC-27: Manufacturing: Electrical Equipment
Table IN.BAA021: Industrial Production Index: 2011-2012: NIC-28: Manufacturing: Machinery and Equipment N.E.C.
Table IN.BAA022: Industrial Production Index: 2011-2012: NIC-29: Manufacturing: Motor Vehicles, Trailers and Semi-Trailers
Table IN.BAA023: Industrial Production Index: 2011-2012: NIC-30: Manufacturing: Other Transport Equipment
Table IN.BAA024: Industrial Production Index: 2011-2012: NIC-31: Manufacturing: Furniture; Manufacturing N.E.C.
Table IN.BAA025: Industrial Production Index: 2011-2012: NIC-32: Manufacturing: Other Manufacturing

New Partnerships


As of June 2018, users have access to content from our sister company EMIS. Moreover, we offer every year new insights for India from our proprietary research arm.

EMIS Insights: Explore comprehensive industry reports on India, contains in-depth sector analysis, detailed statistics and infographics on the country's economy.

CEIC Insights: our proprietary research team releases 5 new economic insights about India yearly. 


Our research team launched India Economy in a Snapshot Q2 2020 covering the four main macroeconomic sectors (Real, Monetary & Financial, Fiscal and External). They we released a set of Databanks – automatically-updated data templates, demonstrating our extensive coverage of macroeconomic indicators:

India Databank: Real Sector

India Databank: Monetary & Financial Sector

India Databank: Fiscal Sector

India Databank: External Sector



We are pleased to announce over 20 functionality and design enhancements geared towards improving your user experience and the launch
in December 2019 of CDMNext v4.0 & in April 2020 of CDMNext Add-ins v3.2.


Still haven’t upgraded your CDMNext? Get in contact with your account manager or on how to make the change today.


► Search with Mnemonics ID: CEIC mnemonic codes that are unique to each time series, and standardized across countries.

► Indented tree for better UI grouping on the database layout.

► Comparable – new cross-country control with pre-defined search filter to view indicator for all countries.

► More search filters to narrow desired results.

► Dynamic search pages with insights and data highlights.

► Dataset tabs offering the ability to select results across searches and tabs.

► Option to copy search with all filter parameters to R, API, Python calls.

► X13 ARIMA Seasonal Adjustment for Chinese Holidays Adjustment.


► Revamp of the series suggestion manager for suggested indicators, forecast series, replacement for inactive series, header and breakdown, and dependencies for base vs. in-house calculated series.

► New Visuals: histogram, pie chart, heat map, China provincial map, Russia Federal District map, India subnational map.

► Replacements Comparison: Visual comparison of series replacements in single series preview.

► Chart button: Additional location to access "Chart" on header.


► New download attributes for region, subnational and mnemonic codes

► Custom download selection from search and selection

► Create a chart with series directly from download window

► Easily export data to supported format in MATLAB application. 

► Easily export data series to support the format in the add-in, API, R. 

► Advanced copy to clipboard functionalities to copy chart/map/table to MS Excel/Word/PPT.

► Download option for individual footnote articles.


► CDMNext & CDMNext Excel Add-in available in 6 languages: English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Indonesian Bahasa. 


► Enhanced customer support in email us, live chat, guest sign-out functions.

► New Math Functions (cross section function, unit multiplier, more currency conversions).

► Rename & Replace feature: the Rename Module helps users to quickly search selected series to rename or replace the series information, such as series name and function description, etc.