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As well as new data we have made improvements to the functionality of the platform and introduced key strategic partnerships to enhance the service.




City wise Air Pollution, is also a reliable high frequency alternative variable for industrial performance and increases the robustness of short-term predictive models.

Air Quality

We have released a new sector incorporating comprehensive coverage on Air Quality and 7 key pollutants measured across 179 cities & towns in India. The data for metros with multiple monitoring centres are curated for only max, min and average statistics.


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Comprehensive capex, investment and bankruptcy variables for multivariate analysis. Public tender and bid-awards help monitoring capex, whereas company registration and bankruptcy are two sides of the same coin, assisting a holistic view of the economic performance.

Public Tender Statistics

Comprehensive coverage of public tender statistics, including State level data for both tenders published and bids awarded. It also includes dedicated tender published and bids awarded for Road, Ports and Airports. It’s a reliable alternative variable on public capex.


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Business Insolvency & Bankruptcy Statistics

Comprehensive addition of Business Insolvency & Bankruptcy Statistics and Company Registration Statistics (includes by State, Authorised Capital, etc.). The data also includes sectorial coverage to assist risk analysis of the economic potential of the economy.


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Company Registration Statistics

Company registration statistics both by aggregate and states, are reliable variables of potential economic activity and used in both short and long term predictive modelling of the economy. It also allows tracking on the potential activity in both the industrial and service sectors.


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National Accounts




The National Accounts are the basis for medium and long term predictive models and, to increase the capability of such modelling we have launched the comprehensive coverage on GDP by Economic Activity, Capital formation and Capital Stock from the National Accounts Statistics.

Gross Domestic Production: Real GDP Growth Projection

Central Bank projections from the Monetary Policy report and their revisions presented to help tracking the shifting pattern of the forecasts.


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Economic Output

Capital Formation

Capital Stock


We now have a very comprehensive coverage of aggregate and state Inflation on commodities from 3 key aspects, consumer price, wholesale price and consumer price of Industrial workers. Respective commodity weights are also covered. In combination with our coverage of, daily consumer and wholesale price and quantity, robust inflation nowcasting / trending models, can be easily developed.

Inflation: Consumer Price Inflation: Target and Projection

Central Bank projections from the Monetary Policy report and their revisions presented to help tracking the shifting pattern of the forecasts.


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Inflation: Consumer Price Index: 2012=100


Labour Markets


We are offering a range of alternative and mainstream variables to capture the employment scenario. The EPFO high frequency daily payroll and contributing organisation statistics are exclusively curated by CEIC for short term predictive models. Its further supplemented by forward looking sentiment survey from the apex multinational human resource group Manpower Inc. and the recruitment scenario in private sector is addressed through the Naukri Index. 

Labour Market: Payroll Statistics

Labour Market: Employment

Forward Looking employment survey from the leading private employment agency for India.


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Labour Market: Employment Index

Employment index form India’s leading private employment exchange.


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Energy Sector


India, an energy importing country has 80% of it power generated from thermal plants. And hence for all types of predictive models, we have expanded our coverage of Coal sector that includes production despatches, prices and coal price index.

Energy: Coal and Lignite Production

Enhanced data scope and coverage of Coal Sector


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Energy: Coal and Lignite Price

Energy: Coal & Lignite Expenditure


Banking Sector


Banking, the core of an economy has gone through a range of reforms recently. We have expanded our coverage of shadow banking (NBFC) as the sector in under increasing regulation, but has played an important role in the economy. The newly launched data on MUDRA, targeted loans for the micro sectors, serves two purpose, one for improved coverage of banking and advances and secondly the only variable representing the performance of the micro-enterprises.

Banking Statistics: Department of Financial Services: Pradhan Mantri MUDRA Yojana

Comprehensive coverage on advances to the micro enterprises under the Pradhan Mantri MUDRA Yojana. It also includes the monthly advances to micro enterprises under the Mudra Yojana.


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Banking Statistics: Non Banking Financial Companies

NBFC’s statistics is now comprehensively covered in India Premium with the launch of the following series


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Health Sector


Vaccination has played the most important role in minimising the adverse economic impact of the Covid-19 incidence. The comprehensive high frequency daily coverage on vaccination through different variables is helpful for predicting any possible chance of resurgence and its related impact on the economy.

Health Statistics: Diseases


Government and Public Finance


Short Term financing tools like WMA, OD, etc. are an important part of state public finance, and helpful to determine its fiscal health.

State Government

Release: Comprehensive release of monthly short term finance, investment and borrowing of respective state governments is covered in this release.


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New Publications


CEIC Insights: Our CEIC Research Team releases proprietary research and various 'Thematic Data Insights', round the year. We published, our proprietary GDP Nowcast, CEIC Leading Indicator and Economic Activity Tracker among other high frequency publications. The quarterly India Economy in a Snapshot - Q2 2022 (CY) covering the four main macroeconomic sectors (Real, Monetary & Financial, Fiscal and External), was released on the day of 1st quarterly GDP announcement from the Govt. of India. Besides these, we also publish a set of self-updating Databanks and Dashboards which help monitor various aspects of the economy.


India Databanks: Real Sector; Monetary & Financial Sector; Fiscal Sector; External Sector

Dashboard: Using Daily Prices to Gauge India's Inflation

Thematic Data Insights: Russia-Ukraine War's Impact on India: Is There a Silver Lining?

Thematic Data Insights: India's Flagship Refinance Programme: Insights from PM MUDRA Yojana

EMIS Insights: Explore comprehensive industry reports on India, contains in-depth sector analysis, detailed statistics and infographics.






We are pleased to announce the latest versions of CDMNext v5.4 and CDMNext Excel Add-in v4.1 with the BETA release to support user defined data on CEIC applications. This enables users to import their own defined data series via CDMNext and/or Excel add-in with support across CDMNext functionalities in data discovery, visualization, math function library, and sharing in insight creation. Watch our <8-minute video> to walk through the highlights of user custom data support. 


The new and enhanced chart types facilitating user customizations is as follows. 

Import user defined data on CDMNext 

► Use ‘Import Series’ to directly upload their custom data in an Excel file format.

► Download the CEIC defined template to select the metadata and insert the timepoints.

► Drop the data file on CDMNext for each upload.

Import user defined data on Excel add-in v4.1

► Introduction of ‘Import Data’ for users to directly create a template.

Manage user defined data on CDMNext

► Retrieve imported data, through new ‘imported’ tab under Data on CDMNext.

► Edit the imported data and Create insights with it.

► CDMNext Key features (single series preview, visualization/charting, math function) available for user defined data.

New CDMNext Visualizations

► Scatter Chart; Histogram.

► New options with series, axis, and legend; adding step options to y-axis setting; shortcut to show/hide legend.

► Additional options to manage and short Tables.

► Ability to add, edit and manage commentary.

► Support drag-and-drop in Edit series to rearrange the series order.

If you have an queries on CDMNext or want a familiarization session with the new powerful features, get in contact with your account manager or

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