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As well as new data we have made improvements to the functionality of the platform and introduced key strategic partnerships to enhance the service.


General Election

We significantly enhanced the Election coverage. Now India premium boasts of constituency wise and party wise performance data on both General Election and State Legislative Election. We have released close to 80,000 series across 543 constituencies for the Lok Sabha (Lower House) and 4,120 constituencies for the Vidhan Sabha (State Legislative Assembly) across 30 states and six union territories . Access our new General Election data additions. Click below for further details.

General Election: Loksabha: Results by Parliamentary Constituencies: by States

General Election to the Loksabha: Constituency wise and State wise aggregate performance data. Explore data here.

General Election: Loksabha: Total Electors, Valid Votes Polled and Seat Won: by States

Explore all data added in this category here.

General Election: State Legislative Assembly: Results by Assembly Constituencies: by States

Explore all data added in this category here.

General Election: State Legislative Assembly: Total Electors, Valid Votes Polled and Seats Won: By States

Explore all data added for all States here.


Agriculture Sector


Agriculture plays a major role in the Indian economy. Agriculture being rain fed, weather statistics is the crucial link for a thorough research on the agrarian sector in India. Access our new Agriculture Sector data additions. Click below for further details.

Agriculture: Fertilizers

High frequency fertilizer sales is an important indicator to help map rural and agricultural activity. In the absence of relevant consumer expenditure data India, this also serves as a proxy along with other variables.

Table IN.RIL001: Fertilizers: Production, Import, Availability and Sales.

Table IN.RIL002: Fertilizers: Availability and Sales: by States.

Agriculture: Finance and Insurance

Agriculture has been dominated by non-institutional finance and currently there are persistent efforts to improve it. One of the most comprehensive coverage on this category. Explore all data added within Agricultural Credit and Agricultural Insurance from Table IN.RIM001 to Table IN.RIM013.

Weather Statistics: Rainfall, Temperature and Humidity

Agriculture, is largely rain fed in India, and hence daily rainfall data is a crucial requirement. It also helps in estimating agriculture output trend, given the volatility in food prices and their related impact. Explore the new added data related Rainfall from Table IN.RIS001 to Table IN.RIS011.


Government & Public Finance


Financial Markets


We continue with expanding the scope of data to assist comprehensive and inclusive analysis of public finance. Access our new Government & Public Finance data additions. Click below for further details.

Union Budget

Ministry wise break down of capital and revenue expenditure, as presented in the union budget:

- Table IN.FB006: Union Budget: Forecast: by Ministry


We expand the scope of data to bring depth to the Debt Markets and Securities Market data coverage of India. Access our new Financial Markets data additions. Click below for further details.

Debt Market

► Comprehensive coverage of State Government Securities across all the States, covering the notified amount, bids and yield. Explore data from Table IN.ZD013: State Development Loans to table IN.ZD043: State Development Loans: West Bengal here.


► Enhancement of Corporate Debt data coverage: Private Placement, Trading in Stock Exchange and Long Term Securities by Trading and by Accepted Rating Review. Explore data from Table IN.ZD.044 to table IN.ZD.047


Securities Market

We enhanced our coverage of FII activity in India with daily and monthly data, covering some of the crucial aspects from assets under custody to debt limit utilization status. Coverage of Corporate Debt was also enhanced by among others, the value and no. of if issues belonging to investment grade rating.

► We expanded the coverage of the data on FII / FPI to include the assets under custody, debt utilisation status, institutions, etc. across daily and monthly frequencies. Explore data from Table IN.ZA027 to Table IN.ZA033.

► The coverage of capital mobilised by the Primary Market was enhanced. With this and the enhancement of the Corporate Debt, we can now estimate the entire resources mobilised by the corporate sector. Explore data in Table IN.ZA.034: New Capital Raised: Primary Market and Table IN.ZA.038: Resource Mobilised: Corporate Sector.




We have added new data key data in our Monetary sector to keep abreats of our clients needs. Access our new Monetary data additions. Click below for further details.

Monetary: Payment & Settle Systems

Outward remittance under different categories has gradually increased from India, under the liberalised remittance scheme.

- Table IN.KAI021: Outward Remittance: Liberalised Remittance Scheme.


Interest & Foreign Exchange Rates


We have released new key data sets to keep pace with the increasing data needs for this sector. Access our new Interest & Foreign Exchange Rates data additions. Click below for further details.

Interest and Foreign Exchange Rates: Deposit Rate

We expanded our coverage of the weighted average term deposit rates for outstanding rupee deposits, across Bank Groups.

Table IN.MA002: Weighted Average Domestic Term Deposit Rates.

 Interest and Foreign Exchange Rates: Lending Rate

The Monthly Marginal Cost of Fund Based lending Rates across different banks and WALR for outstanding and fresh rupee loans is now comprehensively covered.

Table IN.MA005: Marginal Cost of Fund Based Lending Rate (MCLR): Monthly.

Table IN.MB007: Lending Rate: Weighted Average Lending rates.




Addition of new data coverage for the Banking industry as this industry has high activity in India. Access our new Banking data additions. Click below for further details.

Banking Statistics: Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana


Insurance Sector


Expansion of our coverage for Life Insurance in India. Access our new Insurance Sector data additions. Click below for further details.


Foreign Trade


We further expanded and refined our trade coverage, to address the increasing need for estimation of trade flows. Access our new Foreign Trade data additions. Click below for further details.

Foreign Trade

► Monthly data for Principle Commodity by INR and USD from DGCIS. Also covers the grouping of the respective sub-groups.

Table IN.JAA009: Exports by Principle Commodities: INR

Table IN.JAA010: Imports by Principle Commodities: INR

Table IN.JAA009: Exports by Principle Commodities: USD

Table IN.JAA009: Imports by Principle Commodities: USD

► Services is an important component of India’s trade basket and we introduced INR values for Trade in Services. Check data here.

► We also expanded the country trade coverage to complete the entire universe of countries engaged in trade and organised it by economic blocs or regional aggregation.  

Table IN.JAA003: Exports by Country: INR

Table IN.JAA004: Imports by Country: INR

Table IN.JAA005: Exports by Country: USD

Table IN.JAA006: Exports by Country: USD


Construction & Property


We have further expanded our Constrcution & Property coverage. Access our new Construction & Property data additions. Click below for further details.

Construction and Property: Housing Price Index

There is a paucity of publicly available and reliable real estate variables in India, and the current extension of Index for Assessment and Market price for under construction from housing finance regulator is a key variable, referred across the industry and Financial Sector. Explore new data additions from Table IN.EA004 to Table IN.EA009.

New Partnerships


As of June 2018, users have access to content from our sister company EMIS. Moreover, we offer every year new insights for India from our proprietary research arm.

EMIS Insights: Explore comprehensive industry reports on India, contains in-depth sector analysis, detailed statistics and infographics on the country's economy.
CEIC Insights: our proprietary research team releases 5 new economic insights about India yearly.



In December 2018 we launched CDMNext 3.0. We are pleased to announce over 20 functionality and design enhancements geared towards improving your user experience.


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► Search with Mnemonics ID: CEIC mnemonic codes that are unique to each time series, and standardized across countries.

► Indented tree for better UI grouping on the database layout.

► More search filters to narrow desired results.

► Dynamic search pages with insights and data highlights.

► Dataset tabs offering the ability to select results across searches and tabs.

► Option to copy search with all filter parameters to R, API, Python calls.

► X13 ARIMA Seasonal Adjustment for Chinese Holidays Adjustment.


► Revamp of the series suggestion manager for suggested indicators, forecast series, replacement for inactive series, header and breakdown, and dependencies for base vs. in-house calculated series.

► New Visuals: histogram, pie chart, heat map. A stand-alone visual editor with easy rename & replace for series names and descriptions.

► Replacements Comparison: Visual comparison of series replacements in single series preview.

► Chart button: Additional localition to access "Chart" on header.


► New download attributes for region, subnational and mnemonic codes

► Custom download selection from search and selection

► Create a chart with series directly from download window

► Easily export data to supported format in MATLAB application. 

► Easily export data series to support the format in the add-in, API, R. 

► Advanced copy to clipboard functionalities to copy chart/map/table to MS Excel/Word/PPT.

► Download option for individual footnote articles.


► CDMNext & CDMNext Excel Add-in available in 6 languages: English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Indonesian Bahasa. 


► Enhanced customer support in email us, live chat, guest sign-out functions.

► New Math Functions (cross section function, unit multiplier, more currency conversions).

► Rename & Replace feature: the Rename Module helps users to quickly search selected series to rename or replace the series information, such as series name and function description, etc.