Foresight 2021 Report





Report Overview


With eyes firmly set on 2021, our Foresight magazine is taking a brave look into the post-pandemic world. The year we leave behind has brought a fundamental change into our way of life, into our economies, into our businesses. Of all the changes the pandemic has unleashed, three main themes have stood up: the accelerated adoption of digital technologies, the new role of the governments and the future of global supply chains. These are the main topics we will discuss in Foresight 2021. We will also talk about our expectations of the global economy in 2021 and share an interesting insight into what our clients and the general public expect next year to be.


In Asia, we will talk about China’s digital health boom and the new “dual circulation” policy - what it means for China and the world. The opportunities before India’s pharmaceutical industry and the supply chain shake-up in Southeast Asia will be just a portion of our Asian coverage. In Latin America, we will look into the reasons why the continent has been one of the hardest-hit by the pandemic and a special focus will be placed on the adoption of digital solutions in Brazil. In EMEA, our coverage will include a look into financing Africa’s infrastructure investments and how Russia will enter the New Year after the twin shock it experienced in 2020.