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International Trade


Real Estate

Access our new International Trade data additions. Click below for further details.

Electric Passenger Vehicles

Import and Export of Electric Passenger Vehicles: With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles among manufacturers, China customs publishes trade data from January 2018 for both value and quantity series. Explore datasets below.

- Export by Major Commodity: Value

- Export by Major Commodity: Quantity

- Import by Major Commodity: Value

- Import by Major Commodity: Quantity

Foreign Trade

Addition of 4,358 foreign trada data series denominated in USD in a monthly frequency. This adition is additionally to the existing RMB series. 

Explore data in Foreign Trade and Foreign Trade: By Region.

Access our new Real Estate data additions. Click below for further details.

Enterprise Financial Data - Real Estate (All)

Real estate developers’ source of funds from banks and non-bank financial institutions: Added monthly data to the timeliness of the existing data. This data is from the National Bureau of Statistics.

Explore data here.


National Accounts

Access our new National Accounts data additions. Click below for further details.

Gross Domestic Product: Quarterly frecuency

Gross Domestic Product - Contribution and Share to Growth: This new data captures the contribution and share to GDP growth by three major demands. NBS began to release single-quarter data for the three major demands to GDP growth contribution and share.


Financial Markets

Access our new Financial Markets data additions. Click below for further details.

Derivatives Market - 2 Year Treasury Bond Futures

Addition of 2 year bond future daily data in terms of turnover, open interest and prices.  China’s bond market is the 3rd largest in the world. The rules for trading 2Y government bond futures were released by the China Financial Futures Exchange (CFFEX), and the approval of trading was commissioned in mid Aug’18. Explore data:

- China Financial Futures Ex: Treasury Bond Futures: Turnover: Daily

- China Financial Futures Ex: Treasury Bond Futures: Open Interest: Daily

- China Financial Futures Ex: Treasury Bond Futures: Closing and Settlement Price: Daily

Bond Market - Green Bond

Extended coverage of Green Note data, the new type of fixed income investment that is disclosed by the Shanghai Clearing House. China is one of the top world’s largest issuer of ‘green’ bond as China is the world’s top carbon-emitter but tries to contain climate change.


- Table CN.ZD: SHCH: Bond Issued

- Table CN.ZD: SHCH: Bond Redemption

- Table CN.ZD: SHCH: Bond Depository

- Table CN.ZD: SHCH: Composition of Bond Held

Capital Raised - preferred shares and bonds

Newly added preferred shares and bond for the capital raised according to Shanghai Stock Exchange capital raise structure adjustment.

Comodity Exchange - Futures of apples

Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange newly introduced futures of apples. Explore data here.

Asset Management - YoY data for fund balance of Bank’s Wealth Management Product

Added monthly YoY data for Bank's Wealth Management Product: Balance of Fund. Explore data here.

Bond Market: 1-50 years of interest-bearing books and discounted T-bonds 

1-50 years of interest-bearing books and discounted T-bonds issued by the plan, the tender, the actual issue & the issue price. The granular data by different treasury bond types allows to have a detailed study over the current bonf market condition. Source: China Central Depository Clearing Co. Ltd (CCDC). Explore data here.

Asset Management - Bank’s wealth management products from PY standard

These statistics of bank's wealth management products are coming from the PY standard’s monitoring statistics on the bank's wealth management products. These series of data are compiled monthly from the statistics of bank wealth management products issued by more than 400 banks. Data available:

- Bank's Wealth Management Product: Number of Issuance

- Bank's Wealth Management Product: Payment

- Bank's Wealth Management Product: Index Series

Commodities Futures Markets - Crude oil futures

Crude Oil Crude oil futures traded on the Shanghai International Energy Exchange (INE). This contract data is the first in China open to global futures participants. It completed its first dat of trading on 26th March, 2018. Explore data:

- Shanghai International Energy Exchange: Turnover: Daily

- Shanghai International Energy Exchange: Open Position: Daily

- Shanghai International Energy Exchange: Settlement Price: Price

Asset Management - Yu'e Bao Fund Net Asset Value

Addition of Net Asset Value of Yu’e Bao Fund, the world's largest money market fund with over 1.57 trillion RMB.

Asset Management - Private funds

Newly added data for Private Equity and Venture Capital in the number of fund products and fund paid-in scale. The added statistics offer transparency for research purposes in this area. Explore data:

- Private Fund: Number of Product

- Private Fund: Business: Subscription and Paid-in Scale

Bond Market - Bond Connect

Newly added data of trading details and foreign bond holding amount in RMB via Bond Connect Scheme, a new mutual market access scheme that allows investors from Mainland China and overseas to trade in each other's bond markets.

Explore data:

- Bond Connect: Turnover Volume

- Bond Foreign Holdings

Capital Trust - Investment of Fund Trust

Investment of fund trust by industries from China Trustee Association. This data help analyzing the investment of fund asset and the flow of funds to various industries.


Industrial Sector

Access our new Industrial Sector data additions. Click below for further details.

Industrial Operational Indicators of State Holding Enterprises

Newly added Industrial Operational Indicators of State Holding Enterprises, and classified by 41 categories according to the National Economic Industry Classification: This had further deepened the data from NBS as well as increased the granularity of industrial product data.

Aggregated sector financial data for mining, manufacturing and electrycity, gas & water

General financial data to improve research capabilities for user. Explore data:

- Financial Data: Mining.

- Financial Data: Manufacturing.

- Financial Data: Electricity, Heat, Gas, Water Production and Supply.


Money & Banking

Access our new Money & Banking data additions. Click below for further details.

Banking - Income Statement and its related

Addition of net profit of commercial banks in China by types: Large, Share Holding, City CBs, Rural CBs, & Private Banks. Explore data here.

Monthly data for housing loan

Added monthly data for the housing provident fund’s individual residential housing loan to enhance the timeliness of its annual data. Explore data here.

New indicators for Interbank Asset & Liability

Added some indicators for Interbank Asset, Liability, and Interbank use of their own funds to buy interbank financial products, and Off-Balance Sheet Business. Explore data here.

NPL and its Ratio, from annually to quarterly

Enhancement of the coverage of the same data from NPL from annual to quartley: NPL and its ratio alongside with the asset and liability data from banks on a quaterly basis in 31 province and key cities. NPL stats are key data set to track financial health down to regional level in China.

See data for Loan and Deposit and for Banking: Asset / Liability

Monetary survey - Aggregate Financing

► Enhanced data coverage of TSF (Total Social Financing) by aggregate financing. Explore data here.


► Depository FI asset-backed securities and loan write-off new data series have been added. This new statistics provide clarity to the Chinese banking sector. Explore data here.

Loan and Deposit - Non Performing Loan (NPL)

By Loan Type: Standard Loan, Doubtful Loan & Loss Loan and by 6 types of commercial banks: Large, Share Holding, City CBs, Rural CBs, Private Banks, & Foreign Banks.

The growing volume of troubled debt in China has pushed Chinese lenders to shrink their loan-loss allowance ratio. The added statistics provided the granularity of the NPL data in the commercial banking sector. Explore data here.



Access our new Price data additions. Click below for further details.

Land price - Sanya city

Newly added information of one of the most popular tourist destination in China. The date is sourced from the Ministry of Natural Resources. Explore the data within the section: Land Price.

Agriculture - PPI of Lean Type White Pork Carcass index

The PPI of lean type white pork carcass is compiled by the Ministry of Agriculture for the market research of pork price movement and the government price regulation needs. The index is the weighted price index of 60 sample companies in 16 price-based regions. Pork price is traditionally seen as local inflation measurement in China


Socio Demographic

Access our new Socio Demographic data additions. Click below for further details.

Population - Birth & Death rate by region

Addition of Birth and Death Rate by 31 Provinces & Cities. After the openining of second child policy, the birth rates have changed by provinces/cities. Explore data:

- Population: Birth: By Region

- Population: Death: By Region


Goverment and Public Finance

Access our new Goverment and Public Finance data additions. Click below for further details.

National Goverment Finance - Local Goverment Debt

► Addition of two data series about local government debt: general debt and special debt by 36 provinces and cities respectively. The source for this data is the Ministry of Finance (MIF).  Explore data here.

► Added monthly data to enhance data frecuency. The data includes the issuance and outstanding amount of the local government debt. Access link here.

National Goverment Finance - Local Goverment Limit

Expansion with data coverage in regional, local, general & special government debt limit to province and city level. These were yearly data since 2015. Explore the limit of local government debt and the distribution of debt quota in provinces and key cities here.



Access other new data additions in different sectors. Click below for further details.

Household Survey

Household Income and Expenditure: Consumption of Food per Capita. China had a tremendous economic growth for the past decades and as result the consumer income has increased. This data is from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) and is displayed n 3 categories: total, urban & rural.

Business and Economic Survey

Purchasing Managers' Index: Composite PMI output index is a weighted index compiled by indices of manufacturing’s production and non-manufacturing’s business activity, the weights are the proportion of manufacturing and non-manufacturing sectors as of GDP. This is a new composite PMI indicator coming from the NBS.


 ► Capacity Utilization Rate: this new data includes the industrial capacity utilization Rate by main Industries. The scope of the survey involved over 90,000 enterprises, covering large, medium, small and micro. This data was published only in a press release format and we have digitalized the content with multi language display.

Information and Communication Sector 

Internet and related service business statistics, such as: data center, online games, E-commerce platform and applications (APP). Scope and coverage of the statistics include the enterprises with business income over 3 million (RMB) in the previous year. The data comes from the Ministry of Industry & Information Technology.

Transportation and Storage Sector 

Transport: Air: Flight Hour: Air travel data from the Civil Aviation Administration of China with monthly data on flight hour and general flight time.


► ELI - index to reflect the logistics operation of e-commerce

Electronic Sector

► New data from the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology:

- Mobile Phone Shipment by 2G, 3G, 4G and local/MNC brands
- Mobile Phone: New model released by 2G, 3G, 4G and local/MNC brands

Money Market, Interest Rate, Yield and Exchange Rate

China Foreign Exchange Trading Center (CFETC): Foreign Currency Pair Trading CN: Foreign Exchange: Addition of two newly released Foreign currency pairs trading volume data

National Interbank Funding Centre (NIBFC): Interbank Financial Institutions: Net financing of financial institutions in the money market through repos and inter-bank lending from the NIBFC. 

Treasury Bond Yield: Primary Market: Dialy: 1-50 years of interest-bearing treasury bonds issued interest rates from the China Central Depository Clearing Co.Ltd (CCDC). Allows to easily view the dynamics of the goverment bond yield curve from short term to very long term.

Interbank Market: Added securitiy companies within Interbank Bond Turnover and Interbank Call Loan Balance. Source: National Interbank Funding Center (NIBFC).

Labour Market 

Employment: Surveyed Unemployment: Nationwide Urban area published by NBS since April 2018.

Petrochemical Sector

► 5 new industries have received enhancements within the pretrochemical sectors. Each of the product had carried 57 series of financial data. 

- Fine Petroleum Product: Other Crude Oil is a new industry decomposed from “synthetic crude oil”.

- Industrial Pigment Paste & Art and Craft Pigment Paste decomposed from ‘pigment paste’

- Cultural Use Informative Chemical Product & Medical Use Informative Chemical Product decomposed from ‘informative chemical product’

Explore data within Petrochemical Industrial Financial Data.

New Partnerships


As of June 2018, users have access to content from our sister company EMIS and our partner Caixin Media. Moreover, we offer every month new insights for China from our proprietary research arm.

EMIS Insights: Explore comprehensive industry reports on China, contains in-depth sector analysis, detailed statistics and infographics on the country's economy.

Access 3 new indices: New Economy Index (NEI), Climate Risk Index (CRI) and China Commodity (Index).

CEIC Insights: our proprietary research team releases 10 new economic insights about China monthly.



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