A valuable macroeconomic tool for universities and business schools

CEIC offers access to comprehensive & accurate macroeconomic data sets for developed and emerging economies around the world



CEIC Includes:

✓ Over 5.5 million macroeconomic time series

✓ Across 200+ economies

✓ Historical information dating back to 1940

✓ Covering 20 industrial and 18 macroeconomic sectors

✓ 1,500+ Primary sources

✓ Key country indicators


 We draw our data from:

✓ Official Statistics Agencies: E.g. IMF, World Bank, OECD

✓ Industry Associations: E.g. World Steel Association, Global Semiconductor Alliance

✓ Research Institutions: Oxford Economics, China Venture

✓ Financial Information Providers: Dow Jones, MSCI, S&P


✓ Near-real-time updates of our data and release alerts to ensure you keep up with all macroeconomic trends

✓ Detailed methodological references ensure accurate and informed data analysis

✓ Our network of partnerships empowers you with the most valuable and hard-to-find data on emerging economies

✓  Around-the-clock support by our team of expert analysts


CEIC Data provides access to granular macroeconomic data covering both developed and emerging markets covering over 200 economies and is ideal for business students and lecturers for macroeconomic research projects and course assignments.
Access to CEIC



Founded in 1992 by a team of expert economists and analysts, CEIC Data provides the most expansive and accurate data insights into more than 200+ economies.


With analysts on the ground in more than 20 countries, we have an extensive knowlegde of local nuance and insights about individual countries and industries. 


Access to over 5.5 million series of macroeconomic, regional, sector and industry data from a wide range of local and international sources for the most comprehensive, timely and reliable country level data, allowing to uncover trends and insights and better inform their analysis.


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Global Database

• 4.2+ million time series with hard-to-get data

• More than 213 economies covered

• Granular country and sector level data 

• A wide range of local and international sources for the most comprehensive, timely and reliable country-level data

World Trend Plus

• 462,000+ time series covering global market insights
• Standardized data that makes analysis easier
• Country and regional data available
• Top Companies Data which includes comprehensive financial and operational statistics and Covers 14 sectors and 200+ companies
• Include data sourced from BIS, Worldsteel, and Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)


China Premium Database

• 426,000 time series with time points as early as 1949 with coverage of Province, prefecture, county, municipal level data
• Covers 18 macroeconomic sectors and 23 industry sectors, Country, and regional data available
• Additional value-added organization of data with relevancy to ISIC, enables analysts to perform a sector analysis while easily referencing international standards
• Maintained constantly by our dedicated analysts via close collaboration with primary local sources in China



Russia Premium Database

• This database provides you with access to 234,000 time series records, 13 macroeconomic & 11 industry growth sectors

• Detailed energy and natural resource production datasets by major companies obtained directly from the Central Dispatching Department of Fuel and Energy Complex of Russia (CDU TEK)

• First-hand indicators by major industrial sector provided by Rosstat


Indonesia Premium Database

• With more than 470,000 time series this database houses an unprecedented wealth of information revealing drivers of the Indonesian market

• 14 macroeconomic and 10 industry sectors covered as well as regional stats on 34 provinces available 

• Information and series descriptions displayed in English; over 60% of time series originate from Bahasa Indonesia

• Special arrangements on detailed, breakdown data that are not publicly available


Brazil Premium Database

• There are over 795,000 time series, including data from FGV IBRE

• 13+ macroeconomic and 23 industry sectors covered as well as data coverage for 5 regions, 27 federative units & 5,570 municipalities

• In partnership with the Brazilian Institute of Economy of Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV-IBRE), the most renowned macroeconomic statistics institution in Brazil, CEIC makes available a proprietary database including important indices such as general price index, consumer price index and national construction cost index and others, together with its Brazil Premium product


India Premium Database

• Coverage of over 513,000 time series and records from as early as 1951

• Covers 18 economic topics and 15 industry sectors with national, state and district (county) data available

• Clean and revised data, with near real-time updates from on the ground analysts worldwide

• High-frequency complimentary data for "now-casting" and short-range forecasting models


CEIC has multiples offices around the globe with a team of more than 300 employees working to offer you the best available content and service. 
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