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As an employee of the European Commission - DG for Energy you have access to CEIC, a platform with comprehensive & accurate macroeconomic data sets for developed and emerging economies around the world.  

European Commission  - DG for Energy employees have unlimited user access to the following CEIC databases:
Global Database (200+ economies), Brazil Premium, China PremiumIndonesia Premium, India Premium and Russia Premium.


If you don't have access to CEIC yet, please contact your account manager at CEIC: Alvaro Diaz -see contact details below- or your contact at the European Commision - DG for Energy: Dinko Raytchev to get your user name.


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CEIC has multiples offices around the globe with a team of more than 270 employees working to offer you the best available content and service. 

Alvaro Diaz from our office in London is your dedicated account manager. We want you to get the most out of your subscription to CEIC, so for any questions or to arrange a one-to-one training session, please contact Alvaro:

Alvaro Diaz

Telephone: +44 (0) 207 153 1193

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