The most complete, accurate and timely set of economic data available for 200+ emerging and developed markets



CEIC Includes:

✓ Over 6.6 million macroeconomic time series

✓ Across 200+ economies

✓ Historical information dating back to 1940

✓ Covering 20 industrial and 18 macroeconomic sectors

✓ 2,200+ Primary sources

✓ Key country indicators


 We draw our data from:

✓ Official Statistics Agencies: E.g. IMF, World Bank, OECD

✓ Industry Associations: E.g. World Steel Association, Global Semiconductor Alliance

✓ Research Institutions: Oxford Economics, China Venture

✓ Financial Information Providers: Dow Jones, MSCI, S&P


✓ Near-real-time updates of our data and release alerts to ensure you keep up with all macroeconomic trends

✓ Detailed methodological references ensure accurate and informed data analysis

✓ Our network of partnerships empowers you with the most valuable and hard-to-find data on emerging economies

✓  Around-the-clock support by our team of expert analysts


CEIC Data provides access to granular macroeconomic data covering both developed and emerging markets covering over 200 economies and is ideal for business students and lecturers for macroeconomic research projects and course assignments.



Founded in 1992 by a team of expert economists and analysts, CEIC Data provides the most expansive and accurate data insights into more than 200 economies.

With analysts on the ground in more than 20 countries, we have an extensive knowlegde of local nuance and insights about individual countries and industries. 

Access to over 6.6 million series of macroeconomic, regional, sector and industry data from a wide range of local and international sources for the most comprehensive, timely and reliable country level data, allowing to uncover trends and insights and better inform their analysis.


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Global Database

• 4,100,000 time series

• 18 macroeconomic concepts

• 14 industries

• 200+ economies around the globe

• A wide range of local and international sources
  for the most comprehensive, timely and
  reliable country-level data

World Trend Plus

• 439,000 time series

• Regional Aggregates and forecasts

• Commodities market data

• Global Competitiveness Index
• Top Companies Data

• Global Economic Monitor and ASEAN   
  Economic Monitor


China Premium Database

• 386,000 time series

• 18 macroeconomic concepts

• 23 industries

• Regional data covers 2,000 counties,
  297 prefecture level cities


Russia Premium Database

• 231,000 time series

• 13 macroeconomic concepts

• 11 industries

• Regional data covers 8 Federal Districts,
  83 regions, and 200 cities


Indonesia Premium Database

• 450,000 time series

• 14 macroeconomic concepts

• 10 industries

• Regional data covers 33 provinces


Brazil Premium Database

• 796,000 time series

• 13 macroeconomic concepts

• 13 industries

• Regional data covers 5 Regions, 27 States,
  5,570 Municipalities


APIs and Data Feeds

Access CEIC’s economic, industry
and sector data through the platform
that best serves your data and analytical
needs: APIs, feeds, or third-party econometric platforms.

India Premium Database

• 500,000 time series 

• 15 macroeconomic concepts

• 13 industries

• Data down to regional and city level

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