BRICS in 2019 Report


This report presents the positions of each BRICS country on digitalisation and other important topics such as:

  • Brazil in BRICS: Time for a New Vision
  • Russia: BRICS Countries as a Diversification from the West
  • India: Sustainable Development and Innovations
  • China: Regulatory Challenges of the Digital Economy
  • South Africa: Full Load of BRICS


The Power Button for the BRICS

"British economist Jim O’Neill coined the term BRIC almost twenty years ago in an attempt to identify the next generation of global economic powerhouses. At that time, driven by the post-war economic boom, Western European countries had been reaping the benefits of half a century without any significant turbulences.


Consequently, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the German reunification triggered economic prosperity in Eastern Europe. The increasing global integration and successfully implemented policies toward economic liberalisation had spurred impressive development in emerging countries around the globe. Even after a wave of currency crises, the Asian Tigers raised their economic standards and won the status of developed economies." - Extract from report


"The success story of the BRICS countries as a group may have come to an end. The economic convergence of the group is lagging behind. At the beginning of their convergence process, the BRICS economies were catching up at a pace similar to that of the fastest-growing economies in the post-war period. Lately, however, the convergence has slowed down (see chart).
Moreover, the economic development of the BRICS countries as a group has been diverging over the past few years, with China and India growth exceeding that of the other three countries substantially. In that environment, the central role of the digital economy in the BRICS agenda is not surprising. " - Extract from report