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With over 795,000 time series, CEIC Brazil Premium Database provides a comprehensive view of the current situation in Brazil, including the economy, and the political, social and financial environment.

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+795,000 time series, including data from


+13 macroeconomic and 23 industry sectors covered


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CEIC is ideal for:

Global Macro Assessment

& Forecasting

Economists conducting high-level national and cross-country analysis.Standardised international economic and fianncial datasets and regional statistics.

Investment Research

Investment officers, Heads of Research and Portfolio Managers conducting economic analysis to develop investment strategies and optmize geographic/sector allocations.

Government/ NGO Policy Development 

Government officers using detailed national and cross-country/regional data for policy decision making that requires high data accuracy and easy data aggregation.


Market Intelligence

Deep country-specific research utilising a range of economic and industry-level datasets to make business decisions.

What type of data is included in Brazil Premium?


National Accounts, Government and Public Finance, Socio and Demographic, Labor Market, Domestic Trade and Household Survey, Foreign Trade, Balance of Payments, Investment, Business and Economic Survey, Monetary, Interest and Foreign Exchange Inflation, Financial Market


Macroeconomic data includes:

  • Business and economic surveys include comprehensive coverage of market expectations, which present forecasts for the country's main indicators
  • Labour market sector provides in-depth statistics on the Brazilian labour market and may be used for socioeconomic analysis and government policy formulation.
  • Government and public finance sector releases comprehensive information that helps to understand the Central Bank fiscal policy.


Agriculture, Automobile, Banking, Bio-fuel, Chemical and Petrochemical, Construction and Properties, Energy, Machinery and Equipment, Metal and Steel, Mining and Manufacturing, Tourism, Transport and Telecommunication, Wholesale Trade, Retail Trade, Repair of Automotive and Motorcycles.

Industry Sector Data Includes:

  • Brazil remains the world's top producer of biofuel - this sector is covered in extensive detail.
  • Complete coverage of the machinery & equipment and metal & steel sectors include 8-digit foreign trade time series classified by NCM, production, sales, and financial data.
  • The energy sector, one of the fastest growing sectors in Brazil, covers energy production, consumption, trade, sales, and price statistics.


  • +795,000 time series: analysis with hard-to-get data
  • +13 macroeconomic and 23 industry sectors covered
  • 5 regions, 27 federative units & 5,570 municipalities


Our customer support staff are based in 20 offices around the globe and provide the training and support needed to help you make the most of Brazil Premium Database.

Leveraging on our extensive network of data experts, we resolve most inquiries within 24 hours. Regular email alerts keep you informed of new series added to the database.


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In partnership with the Brazilian Institute of Economy of Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV-IBRE), the most renowned macroeconomic statistics institution in Brazil, CEIC makes available a proprietary database including important indices such as general price index, consumer price index and national construction cost index and others, together with its Brazil Premium product.

FGV IBRE, created in 1951, calculates price indices, indicators of business and consumer confidence, indicators of economic cycles and other sectorial data, in addition to having the expertise of renowned economic experts. The institution was even responsible for calculating official country indicators.






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